How - to : wear false eye lashes (step-by-step)

Hi~! After so long, i feel that i owe some beauty related post. So I thought i could give this step by step lashes tutorial ! I dont really wear false lashes everyday, but i never missed to wear it on any special occasions where I want to freshen and give extraordinary look to the makeup. Extra tips : False lashes helped a lot in photos! Really hope you like this tutorial. Enjoy~! :)

Things you'll need : 
- False lashes (any brand)
- Eye lashes adhesive
- cotton buds
- mascara 

Step 1 : Prep your face for makeup. Then apply your eye makeup. You cato n choose skip the eyeliner application. Get your false lashes and eye lashes adhesive ready! Use a cotton bud and apply the glue to the lashes surface. Make sure that all the line are filled with glue properly especially the corners. Wait for like 15 seconds, until the glue become a bit tacky.

Step 2 : Put on the lashes above your real one.Wait for it to be dry and stick strongly to your eye. 

Step 3 : After you feel that the lashes are now stay in place, we want to merge our real lashes together with the false one to make it looks natural. Put a little bit of the adhesives on a cotton bud then apply it to the outer corner of our real lashes. Once again, a little amount will do or else you will have difficulties later when you want to take the false lashes off. After you do, press your real lashes with the false one and merge it altogether.

Step 4 :  Cover the white leftover glue on the lashes with mascara. Now, you can apply or re-apply your eyeliner. And there you go, its done! :D

The before lashes look


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