The City of Jakarta

It has been somewhat 6 months since I finally moved to Jakarta. The capital city of my beloved country , the city where my man struggling with his work.

Firstly, the reasons why I moved to Jakarta :

1. I started to feel bored with my job as a Lab Assistant in Singapore, and I wanted more challenges.
2. I thought that in Indonesia, I have more chances to be an entrepreneur. (which turns out, Im just too immature to be thinking that way)
3. Of Course, because long distance relationship is hard. And moving to Jakarta is all I want, since God knows when.

So, this few months..

I have learnt so much, from the good and bad experience I had in this city. Like for example,
Got cheated which makes me lost my first Rupiah in my bank account.
Lost my blackberry, since I misplaced it in public place.
But also, understand how many people in here are not in a fair living condition.
The rich are soo rich, and the poor are struggling for a place to live.

But I'm thankful..

Coz I feel even closer to my family. And I appreciate how much my parents understands my decision.
Though, they are actually very worried to leave me all alone here. (Definitely, Singapore is a much safetier place for a Girl to live by themself,no doubt!)

And to have those moments and experiences with A here is something I will cherish for now..

Always be Positive,

Gracia <3


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