#mybeautykitchen 2 - Honey Carrot mask

Hi guys, this is my second beauty kitchen recipe! Hope you like it!

Contains : High anti oxidant which protects your skin from harmfull chemicals (air pollutants, makeup etc) and also uv radiation. Yet, I added honey to boost up the skin hydration level!

What you'll need :
1 pc carrots
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp water

Equipments you'll need to prepare :
- rice cooker
- food processor

Step :
- wash and peel off the carrots and then cut whatever the way you want.
- then steam the carrots using the rice cooker
- when its softened, transfer it to the food processor and mix with the other ingredients.
- then take some and spread it to your whole face
- wait for 10-20 mins
- wash off and pat dry.

Its that simple, believe me ! ; )


Gracia ♥


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