Christmas Shopping Haul : Public Garden Flea Market + Orchard

Hey guys!

I wanted to show you guys what I got for christmas shopping this year. As I will be back home to Indonesia in 13 days, I have prepared for so many gifts for my family but its not completed yet!

Let us start with what I bought last sunday at the Public Garden Flea Market which is at the MICA Building (next to Clarke Quay).

I bought this green-brownish very feminine earrings for myself. I thought its very easy to mix and match, and i dont really have this kind of jewellery rocks earring before so why not?
Plus, the girl who actually made this (yes, this is handmade!) is very friendly and talented! Her jewellery brand was called "My Paper Earring", because simply her signature handmade jewellery is made from paper. Greatness? :)

My paper earrings, $25
Oh! And my friend actually bought another earrings which is look like mine in different colour tone. Hers is very pretty too!

My paper earrings, $25

This is Sandra's signature earring, I bought this paper cranes earring for my housemate coz I thought it was very beautifull, unique and it totally suits her.

Paper Crane earrings, $35

She dont have website yet, but if youre interested in some of this you can totally email her out :

Wanna see what my housemate gave to me for christmas ? :D

Mine, Ce ria's, Mey's :)

Loving my new keep cup! <3 Thanks ce ria! 

Next, is what i got yesterday from Orchard! :) Oh yesterday was a very long time but its so far been the happiest moment of my life! I tell you guys later, ok?

First, I went to watson. Its been super duper long since I shop there. First confession, when the watson member card just going on. I actually spill out my passion in makeup and beauty product in watson. Its like my library like that! hahaha

This is what I got yesterday from watson, for myself :

1. Maybelline Lashionista ($21.90) : Love the packaging colour, the packaging is very eye striking but totally love the colour. Hopefully this will be my next, daily mascara to replace the falsies by maybelline. As it says that its easier to wash off. Although the falsies actually gives the very dramatic effect to my lashes which I loved. hmm..

2. Maybelline Hyper Diamond Liquid Liner ($18.90) : I got it for free! The sales-girl was being nice and just give this plum-purple glitter eye liner to me. yay! haha! :)

3. Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in Luminous Coral ($20.90) : Add new collection to my lip colour? nyehee.. :) It looks very natural coral look, which is very usable for work or school.

 4. Up-down rings, from scape flea market ($4) :

I actually bought my two sisters, my favourite makeup stuff this year for their christmas gift :

1. Maybelline the false lash (limited edition)
2. Ettusais Pen Liqiud liner in black
3. Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer
4 MUFE Eye Prime

haaa.. here comes the reason why yesterday was my happiest day of my life so far! 

Mum's birthday gift

Dad's xmas gift

Buying gifts for your parents is actually very satisfying and happy, that I cant describe with words how I feel. I have finally working and have enough money to buy them this gifts with my very first few months salary. :) so happy ! Hope they will like it! 

To end the night at orchard, I simply enjoy TWG macarons with a cup of tea at ION mall ! :)

Have you started your christmas shopping? Tell me more about it!

Hope you had a great time in this festive season! love love decemberrr!! 


lots of LOVE,



 Gracia <3


  1. i love to do christmas shoping, thanks for an ideau for a christmas present. the cups a just perfect as a gift!

    1. Hi kamila! glad that its useful for you. you can go to and customize your own colour combination as well! ;) Merry Christmas in advance to you!



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