Today I learned,

Goals in your life are the future you holding and makes you live right now. Whats the point of driving without a destination isnt it? Tough roads, bad weather wont makes you turn around if thats really the place where you wannna be. 

Great things takes sacrifaction. As cheesy as it sounds it will aaaalll be as worthy as how much you worth that goal. 

I was very surprised to heard this from Blair (a beauty guru on youtube @juicystar07), "people like to do uncomfortable things, just to feel proud of themselves after they did it" 

Dont you think its true? 

So now, i kept thinking.. This uncomfortable phase of my life worth my dreams, worth my goals. And I will be damn proud of myself in the future if I did it great! Thats why I wanna go hard. 

Damn. It will be worthed afterall. 

Stay strong people! 

Making it happen. 



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