Acne Breakouts : Prevention and Treatments


First of all, I want to say happy thanksgiving to you wherever you are ! :) Hope you are doing well, and having a good time.. hehe

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I just want to share with you, what has been happening to my skin lately. I have just settle down my acne breakouts that started few weeks ago. Now, that I have got my lesson for not taking care my skin properly I have to share this info to you my lovely reader! :D


How do you define acne breakouts?

I guess its different for everyone, as each of us have different sebaceous gland activity level. But, everyone will have their period of having acne prone skin that we called breakouts, where your skin tend to have more pimples than normal days. Some will only have 2-4 pimples, some will have countless pimples, blackheads, and white heads around their face. This serious condition usually happens with many reasons, or one stupid reason.We forgot to take a good care of our skin!

Remember this! Acne formation happens, when your sebaceous gland produce more sebum than usual and this accumulation of sebum get stuck in your follicle causing a blackheads. Bacteria are tend to grow in this condition, causing inflammation that we called acne.

How to cure this! 

my breakout skin photo :(  Taken 4 weeks ago.

1. Stop eating fried and oily stuff! Coz one of the reason for breakout is your body gets too heaty and produce more sebum.

2. DONT! dont ever try to pinch or pluck this black heads or white heads with your own bare dirty hands! coz this will cause mark thats very hard to heal. and this mark will get more serious when your skin start to aging.

3. Get a good sanitized facial treatment.

4. Always apply acne gel to the infected area. Apply this all over and over again, whenever you feel like touching it, apply it again instead!

5. If this still doesn't stop the breakouts, I will recommend you to get yourself a chemical peeling session. Usually licensed aesthetic clinic will have it. 
For myself, I used 8% Salicylic Acid Peeling which I prepared in the lab for the sessions. And, psst.. I do this peeling myself at home, do you want me to write a single post on it? hehehe

How to prevent acne :

1. CLEAN AND CLEAN!! Always remember to clean your face properly, dont be lazy! And if you wear makeup, clean and wash it off properly. Dont skip any of this steps : Makeup Remover > Wash > Toner > Moisturiser.

2. Eat more fruits and veggies! As it contain many anti-oxidants, and also it helps to boost your collagen production! Which, will make the baby skin in you naturally! *wink

3.  Exfoliate your skin, twice a week This will remove all the accumulated sebum production away!

4 Exercise regularly, and remember always be HAPPPY! :D Stress is a common reasons for breakouts!
So, take a deep breath... and smile now :)

Hoping that this post will help you!

And here is my latest photo without any makeup on.. hehehe

Boo acne Booo! Dont you dare to come back again! lol >,<


Gracia <3

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