#mybeautykitchen 1 - Easy Collagen Boost Mask (from your fridge!)


Want to have a smooth baby skin? Flawless? On a tight budget?

If all your answers to that is YES, then you need to continue reading this tips!


1. Small little bowl or cup
2. An egg
3. Fresh Milk (Owned by my housemate! Thanks cii! :D)
4. Half Lemon
5. A spoon for mixing, unless you want to use your hand.

First Step :

Crack the egg and take only the white portion.
Separate the egg yolk alone, dont waste!

Second Step : 

Pour out roughly 3 tbsp fresh milk

Third Step :

Squeeze the lemon into the solution.

Fourth Step : 

Mix all these ingredients! and... VOILA! 
Here it goes your Collagen Boost Mask! Even better than the one you buy outside! :D

How to use :

Apply this mask solution using your hand or a face brush all over the face. Wait for 5 - 10 minutes, till your skin feels very tight. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.

My face with the mask on

While waiting ......

 I fried the egg yolk! hahaha! Dont waste! Though many people say egg yolk contains high cholesterol, but it also contains high omega 3 which is good for you brain.

Pinch of salt + pepper. Thats the reason for the black spots on my yolk. :p

Smiley yolk + Barbie!

Time's Up! Lets Wash face!

My clean and hydrated skin feels great!
Time to eat the fried yolk!

Benefits of the Mask : 

1. White Egg - It contains high proteins which are essential for the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. High level of collagen will keep your face supple and gives the dewy baby skin, by retaining the moisture. Where, elastin will improve the elasticity in your skin. In which, both will reduce the sign of skin aging like wrinkles.

2. Fresh Milk - Milk contains Lactic Acid which is an Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). This acid helps to cleanse your face by exfoliating all the dead skin cells. Hence, it will also brighten your skin.

3. Lemon Juice - Citric Acid and Vitamin C! Citric Acid is also an AHA, in which it will lightens up your skin by exfoliating it. Additionaly, it also kills the bacteria causing acne! Many people uses lemon juice to reduce the acne scarring as well!

Why it is better than buying outside? 

 Simply because, it contains no preservatives! It also natural and fresh! and also money-friendly.. hihihi :)

Hope you like it! :) Let me know If you already try this yourself.

Have a beautiful day!

Gracia <3


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