Catching up!

Hi ! ^^
So many untold stories for me to catch up with this blog. Where should I start then?
Afterall, we cant really plan our life how we want it to be right?
Okay, so...

I got a job that I really loved which is in Cosmetic Science Industry, and I'm back living in Singapore.

While waiting for the working visa, I decided to get myself a proper makeup lesson at Make Up Forever Academy Singapore.  I really enjoyed it so much, and willing to continue it further someday. Hmm~

 I just started my facebook online shop with a couple of my friends. We are selling good quality clothing line! :) Check it out here : Really needs your support! hehe

Thats all the big thing thats happening to me that I havent mention in this blog. And yeah, Im actually doing great!  I hope to keep posting for you, and hoping that you keep enjoying to read this blog. hehe!

Enjoy your life, coz Happiness is just around the corner ;) SMILEE!

Lots of Love,



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