I fall in love with Oxblood Trend and my new NYX lip pencil

Hey there!

As the tittle says it all, I've been falling in love hard with the oxblood colour trend. Once I saw it in polyvore or I think some superstar wears all oxblood colour and I was like,"wow, that colour is so sexy! I wanna get those colours to my wardrobe!" Since, I have no time really to go on a big shopping these days because of my full-time job. So after work that day I just go straight to Tanjong Pagar Exchange, where I knew smoochiez held an event there until the end of December. I got my oxblood colour lippies which is NYX jumbo lip pencil in Maroon (718). Smoochiez is the only place that sell NYX, coastal scents, ELF products here in Singapore. NYX pleaseee come to Singaporee!

So here's my makeup look using NYX Lip Pencil in Maroon :

Tips to pull-off this lipstick colour :

1. Keep the eye makeup as minimum and natural it can be. So that, your lips pop the attention!
2. Concealer is good help to wear this lip colour, line your lips with concealer. This will helps to give the plump effect to your lips.
3. For a perfect finishing to this look, put on a transparent lipgloss to it! There you ready to go! :) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Gracia <3


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