Once upon a dream...

Hi everyone..

I wanted to post my christmas shopping haul to you last night. But then, things got screwed.. After i finsih typed all the words that I wanna tell you guys with all the excitement within me, and theennnn I tried to make a small little picture in the end of my blogpost but its gone bad. Real bad! Coz all the words I've been typing are all gone.

This morning, I start my monday with a dead zombie face. -,- not good at all. I can't understand how people managed to sleep so little. hahhh.. Anyway, I thought I won't post anything tonight coz my mood went a little messy. BUT! Thanks to Kandee Johnson. She's always always be those happy things you want to see when you feel a lil bit down. Today, I somehow got to her "Once Upon A Dream" video.. And I thought it was somekind princessy makeup tutorial. BUT! Things get even better and it gets so touchy.. I feel like tearing a lil bit. AWW.. Kandeee! YOU REALLY ARE MY INSPIRATION! Her personality is beyond the word beautiful.

This is the MUST-WATCH video :

Somehow, I  feel that I always have this big dreams of mine. I always always have those things in me. and its so precious, coz that what makes me want to get better each day. Maybe its true, for some people.. Life is just all happy laughing and easy. They get what they want by just a simple ask. But for me, what I want is something more than that! And its true, all the struggles and sacrifices Im making right now will just makes my story in the future even better! :D

Im so thankfull for everyone who has been a real support for me! You guys just makes me feel motivated each day! To learn more and more things, to share all that things with you..

Hope you have wonderful day wherever you are!

Dare to dream, and make it happen. You won't know, until you tried.

Love and kisses,

Gracia <3


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